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A Guide to Gifting Crystals

At this time of year, we are all looking for the perfect gift for those we love. In my mind, often there is no better option than to gift a well thought out crystal. For centuries, crystals have held a special place in many cultures, and even those who don’t believe in the concept of healing crystals will appreciate them for their unique beauty and still benefit from their energies.

There are many different ways to gift crystals,

Why everyone should love copper jewelry

Recently, I was talking with one of my favorite photographers about why I work in copper jewelry, and it occurred to me that not everyone knows how cool this metal really is! So, for this week on the blog, I wanted to dedicate some love to my favorite material and hope you get a chance to appreciate what copper offers you a bit more (and if you are already a fan, I would love to know what draws you to copper in the comments below).

Custom Designs

As we near the Holiday season, I thought I would share with you my favorite part to my job. Creating one of a kind pieces that are made from customer’s own stones. Custom orders are always more challenging for many reasons; each one requires a meeting with the client to decide basic design specifications, then extra precautionary measures to protect their item they are asking me to work with, and a whisper of hope that they will be happy with my final designs.

What goes into building a jewelry collection

I recently launched my holiday collection (every day more and more items are up and listed in the shop), and I wanted to share a little of what went into creating this collection. If you regularly keep up with my blog, by now you have seen the posts about the photoshoot and the launch party, but today is more about delving into the inspiration and design process that went into this Holiday season.

How to clean your natural copper jewelry

Many of my customers ask about how to keep their copper jewelry shiny and bright, and so today I am sharing my favorite method to clean, one that uses only natural ingredients you most likely have at home.

First thing you will need to do is make sure your metal is pure copper and not coated. Many jewelers use a sealant on their copper, and if this is the case, the below method won’t be as effective.

How to style with Hair Sticks…

I love hairsticks. I spent my teen years styling my hair up with pencils and pens, and so a crystal hairstick is just my grown up version. But for those of you who aren’t used to styling your hair up with these magical wands, this post is for you. I recently partnered with some of my very talented hair stylist friends to bring you some ideas for how to make your locks look lovely with Desert Daisy crystal hairsticks.

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