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Let Your Jewelry Come to Life…

Talking about my Holiday collection with my friends and family this year has been so exciting, I am excited to share it with all of you. The last collection of each year is always fun and over the top, what better time to create big and sparkly showpieces than Holiday? This year is no exception. But, instead of introducing you to the line through photos of the jewelry (which are coming, don’t worry, Jamie Y Photography did an amazing job on Sunday’s shoot),

A Weekend of Synchronicity…

Here it is Tuesday morning and I am still reeling from the crazy wonderful things that came together this past weekend. What started as an amazing opportunity to finally work with a photographer who I met online a year ago through the rising tide society, quickly turned into a productive, inspirational, healing, exciting and uniting weekend. Think that is an exaggeration? I promise you it is not.

I want to include more photos from our brand shoot in the Anza Borrego Desert,

Desert Hunting

Every year we take a road trip for me to source for my jewelry. Those of you who know me, know I love hand selecting every stone I use; so much raw beauty exists in rocks and crystals, and I look for minerals that speak to me in different ways. It is so hard to do that most of the year, and my husband and I travel far and wide to make sure we stay true to the design aesthetic of Desert Daisy.

Leaves are changing…

This past week I took a week off from jewelry making. Coming off all the travelling and hustling to make shows and orders come together this past month, I was more than ready to relax and enjoy the cozy calm of October in New England. I packed up my bags and headed back home to see my family. Now, packing is always a fun project for me; for years, I have always taken a slightly odd approach to filling my suitcase (but totally normal if you consider the world of Fashion I love to live in).

Big Skies / Big Dreams

One of my reasons for wanting to make the move to this career is my desire to see the world. I love to travel. The anticipation of new adventures, the chance to meet people outside my circle, the cultural differences that help me expand myself and the knowledge and inspiration I gather on each trip are all strong motivators for me.

So I was thrilled to head up to the gorgeous Whitefish, Montana this week and tackle quite a few items on that list.

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